End of Appeasement and Increased Deterrence

The US has finally become serious about countering the threats imposed by the resurgent Chinese and Russian military alliance. The Russian and Chinese development of supersonic missiles that are designed to sink our aircraft carriers and other capital ships are clearly a sword designed for the sole reason of preparing for a confrontation with the USA Navy over territorial disputes such as the South China Sea, and the Crimea. This new technology looks promising, and though I’m not certain why we reveal our latest defense capabilities in the news, I’m guessing it is a planned deterrence, a warning. NATO’s recent declaration that Russia needs to vacate Ukrainian territory and relinquish the Crimea is another sign that there is a looming confrontation between the major world powers. I’d say that the USA  and NATO are better prepared and at present, have an advantage, so it is better to confront Chinese and Russian aggression before they catch up or surpass our capabilities.




I will never step foot in Florida.

I would never live in Florida because they have man eating Nile crocodiles, water moccasins, and giant pythons. Two of the three are invasive species that were released by former pet owners, and they have no natural predators in Florida’s environment. The small mammal populations have begun to shrink, so when these species run out of food they will begin to expand their range into human habitats and cause conflict with humans. Just today, we learned about a two year old being dragged into the water by a crocodile while at a Disney resort. Efforts by human hunters have been basically ineffective because these species are aquatic and good at camouflage. The Seminole Native American Tribe, along with escaped slaves, were able to hold out against the full force of the US Military because they used the swamps to their advantage. Now these invasive species are hiding out in the same difficult to traverse terrain. I’m out.


Hyres: Scotch Irish Surname

I recently researched this book and found the surname of Hyres as that of a Scotch-Irish group that immigrated to North America from Northern Ireland. Here is the link to the full manuscript located online. If you look in the index, you will find the surname, Hyres, listed with the relevant page numbers and details about their groups’ impact on the region they immigrated to. The back history of the Scotch-Irish is quite interesting for they were Presbyterians that moved from the area between England and Scotland under the English policy of resettling various groups to Northern Ireland. Not to be confused with the Catholic Irish, or the Scottish highlanders, these were an interesting and tough people that eventually immigrated to the English colonies in North America for a variety of reasons including the resettling of defeated soldiers. They had to have been a tough bunch!





Starting a Blog

This my first post on my first blog, and I am going to experiment with this website to see how it works. I find myself commenting on news articles online, and then they disappear into the nether. I will begin creating responses to articles I read, and then post the comments linked with the article here for further discourse, and to record my research. I like to delve into a wide variety of topics, so I won’t limit myself in scope other than to say I will follow a whimsical pattern of finding topics that interest me as I scan the headlines. I call my method psychic impression, not because I have any psychic powers, but rather because I let the random chaos coupled with my curiosity to guide my reading and commentary. If anyone should come up with an idea or want to delve into a particular topic, I’m open to suggestions. As a rule, I’m willing to discuss just about anything, and I strongly oppose the tyranny of political correctness. I, as a rule, remain polite and expect others to act and interact with civility, but I also value a good argument or discourse. Let’s begin to ask questions together. Let’s explore the world that has opened up to us with the advent of the internet, and let’s write down our thoughts to preserve discoveries or epiphanies we may find along the way. I look at this blog as if I were digging for gold, the wealth of understanding that we might discover, and it’s like the California Gold rush all over again.