The Tragedy of the Earth

The population of the Earth was less than 2 billion in 1900. Now it’s 7.5 billion. You cannot be free, no matter what any paper says, in a closed amount of space,(the Earth) when the number of people keeps growing beyond the capacity. The US population in 1900 was only 72 million, and now it is 325 million. All this leads to the, “Tragedy of the Commons,’ an economic principle wherein any shared resource, not regulated or restricted by law, will be overused, abused, and destroyed by the heedless and shortsighted masses. Common land was abolished in most nations because of this very reason. England used to allow for common use of the land, and so did the USA. This practice had to be abolished because it caused horrific national problems like the dust bowl of the 20’s, caused by overgrazing of common lands by Ranchers during a drought. The no-rules West, caused a Great Depression for the Mid-West, and that’s why we don’t do that anymore.


In 1900 the population of the US was seventy two million. Now it is three hundred and twenty million+. What about the masses that will come for your stuff when the government is gone. I don’t like it, but I’ll take law and order with capitalism over anarchy or socialism any day. I think we are less free because in 1900 there were two billion people and now there are seven and one half billion people. Who can be free when the dangers of the world require banding together to defend our continent.


The Fires are Burning, the fires are burning…

Right now, we should be one California, standing together to fight back against these increasing fire threats and the risks to our homes, to our children, our grandchildren, and all our future progeny. By not properly maintaining our forests in drought, and by allowing people to build and live in places that, when a fire starts, begin a chain reaction that can destroy cities like in Napa and now Southern California, we live in more dangerous times.
I don’t think that our leaders, and more importantly the leaders of our Federal government, comprehend the gravity and consequence of allowing seven billion people to burn fossil fuels so cheaply.
A few steps  to fix this problem:
Price Fossil Fuels out of the market.
Put an end to business oligarchs rule over this nation, because their self interest, and pretend patriotism, is really self serving.
Tax religious groups equal to corporations, God knows they can afford it.
Place an additional. 0.25% tax increase on Federal income taxes, for every bracket, that would go directly to make payments on the national debt, the 17 billion we spent and have nothing to show for it, until it is gone. We pay every month, a little bit from every tax bracket, and end our deficit spending ways.
We start saving money like every other half way civilized nation, and we start staying in our lane and stop trying to make the world in our image. It will never happen, so why do it. We waste a lot of money for nothing.

The World Changes

I think we can all notice that the weather is changing, and the world is changing. It seems like everything is bigger and more present because we are more connected with the internet. I used to sit and read the newspaper, but now I peruse the web. I can explain the perception of rapid change and devolution worldwide with a greater awareness and expansive ability to explore via the world wide web, but the weather is surely changing around us. I’m so tired of hearing people say things like, “It’s just a blip, or a glitch,” and again I’m also tired of hearing, “it’s just a global weather pattern that will change back.” While there is a possibility of the weather being rescued by changes in human behavior, or technology, but I am not optimistic in either of these possibilities. While the changes needed to return the Earth atmosphere to a more natural state are “possible,” the likelihood of such changes are, in my opinion, negligible. Why?

Human behavior will lead to further warming of the climate, so that explorers can reach the polar oil reservoirs. The consequences of this goal, will lead to the extinction of too many species, spikes in the growth of bacteria, viral activity, and the spread of mold and fungi to species that are already vulnerable will only continue a man made mass extinction event. While humans wander the Earth oblivious, millions of animal and plant species, important to planet wide biodiversity levels are destroyed as a direct consequence of human behavior. This process is well documented, and is ongoing. Humanity does not appear capable of realizing or foreseeing their path toward the cliff of ruin, their short lifespans, and limited numbers of people interested in such matters, renders the path forward. You can see in the natural world, the dramatic affects that pumping too much green house gas into our atmosphere is causing, namely excessive levels of carbon dioxide.

I mourn the loss of so many bees. It was sad this year when so few bees were around to pollinate the fruit trees. I had a ton of fruit in previous years, but this years crop was terrible. My neighbor lady friend has a huge garden and yard, and she told me that she is no longer killing the yellow jackets because they help pollinate as well. I have also read about the demise of million of bats. They think the bats are dying off because of a fungus, but regardless the insects grow in number commensurate with the loss of bat predators. The loss of bats and bees are like, “canaries” in the cave. We should be wondering what is going to happen next, because our atmosphere on this planet is very much like a cave. It is only a few miles up,  that we can breathe, and this narrow band of oxygen rich atmosphere cannot hold an infinite amount of other gasses without causing major consequences for living species that cannot adapt quickly.

We cannot afford to keep turning up the temperature on the globe, like a body in fever killing off everything else, we are heating up the planet and creating a mass extinction event. When the Earth atmosphere first formed, the planet was first colonized by methane breathing life forms. The eventual formation of blue green algae, and the subsequent oxygenation of the planet caused a massive extinction of the methane breathing bacteria. Go figure. Now we, like the blue green algae, are causing a mass extinction event. I don’t think all life will die off, but it will bring massive changes that we may not be able to completely foresee or enjoy.

America the Invincible

Yes, we are blessed with good geography, mostly. We do face some danger from environmental degradation with our overuse of carbon dioxide and methane gases, and our general neglect and abuse of the world ecology. The self centered approach to gathering and producing, while over reproducing to seven billion, is causing all the world’s animal and plant populations to dwindle and fade. The bees are dying. The bats are dying from fungus that spreads because the average temperatures are rising. Disease and bacteria are growing resistant to our antibiotics and vaccines as mutation and replication rates increase and thrive in warmer temperatures worldwide. Weather patterns are growing wild and dangerous, and the increase in temperature from adding more carbon dioxide and methane to our fragile atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect generates stronger storm systems and changes currents. We have to begin building and finding solutions to these problems, and they all take root from our addiction to fossil fuels.

It would be a shame to destroy this blessed geographic location, disconnected from the other major continents. We should protect and enshrine our lands, our waters, and our planet. We cannot make the mistake of thinking that our precious resources and lands are unlimited, or that we should share them with any and all that want to come here. The world is not like that anymore. There are no frontiers. Borders will increase, and the chaos of the rest of the world will rage while we sleep secure, unless we squander it all way like the islanders of Easter Island building their monoliths until their society collapsed from destruction of their island’s limited and precious resources. We must adapt like the Inuit, and avoid the fate of the Vineland and Greenland Vikings. They could not adapt and they went extinct. The world cannot change course on climate change and fossil fuel abuse, but the USA could completely modernize out of releasing carbon dioxide and methane, and we can survive or weather the changes that climate change will bring in the next two century.

So Why do Native Americans have so much Neanderthal DNA?

Recent discovery of tool manipulated Mastodon bones in California date some hominid activity in California to 130,000 years ago. Looks like this puzzle is coming into focus.


Warning: highly speculative post ahead.

As I mentioned the other day:

Worldwide distribution of B006, (from Yotova et al. “An X-Linked Haplotype of Neandertal Origin Is Present Among All Non-African Populations,” Mol. Biol. Evol. 28 (7), 2011). Worldwide distribution of B006, (from Yotova et al. “An X-Linked Haplotype of Neandertal Origin Is Present Among All Non-African Populations,” Mol. Biol. Evol. 28 (7), 2011).

SNP PCA from Skoglund & Jakobsson’s “Archaic Human Ancestry in East Asia” (2011) SNP PCA from Skoglund & Jakobsson’s “Archaic Human Ancestry in East Asia” (2011)

(Please note that Africans do not have chimpanzee admixture, despite the labeling on the graph–no human group has chimp admixture, because chimps and humans have different #s of chromosomes, so even if you could get a successful cross, the resulting child would be infertile, like a mule. I assume the point of the chimp node is just to represent that which has neither Neanderthal nor Denisovan admixture, though of course there is the possibility of some other form of archaic hominin admixture in Africans.)


So, Native Americans appear to have a ton of Neanderthal DNA. (Relatively speaking.)


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Is war with North Korea imminent?

War with North Korea? At what cost?

US student freed from North Korea has a severe brain injury and is in a coma.

North Korea, under Kim Jong Un, will never give up their pursuit of nuclear weapons and long range missiles to carry them. Ukraine gave up their weapons and signed a pact assuring their security, the Bucharest Memorandum on security assurances, signed by the USA, UK, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. These so called assurances of security were violated by Russia when they invaded and annexed the Crimean peninsula. North Koreans are highly intelligent, and should not be underestimated. I think that the article about the student recently released by North Korea, seen as a win for the Trump administration, could also, sadly, be an attempt to generate public anger and dislike for North Korea that is personal to citizens of the US. I doubt the move was intentional, and they secured the release of the boy because it was the right thing to do, but I do question how the media has perhaps utilized this tragic horror story, perpetrated upon a young vibrant citizen of our nation by the pariah state of North Korea.

There has been plenty of news media whenever North Korea launches, or fails to launch, test missiles. Those articles don’t seem to generate the horror and dismay in the public that the politicians are hoping for. I do think that hawks, from both both republicans and democrats, want war with North Korea before they go nuclear. I don’t think China and Russia are going to let the US wipe out North Korea. I think things will remain in limbo for many years to come because neither side really wants a war between three superpowers: China, Russia, and the USA. North Korea will go nuclear creating a longer lasting stand off.

Monsanto = Evil

I think Monsanto is an evil corporation. I believe this because they put profit so far ahead of everything else, that nothing else beside the preservation of their profit matters to them. I first read about their GMO korn, the Round Up Ready plant that would grow korn and not die from Round Up. Well, it turns out that Round up is a Carcinogen, but they are still refusing to print this as a warning label. Thankfully a court is soon to make them begin to put warning labels on their product. Like with the big Tobacco story, they deny their wrong doing and use lawsuits and lawyers to preserve their patents and continued existence. They began suing farmers on farms where Round Up Ready GMO Korn was growing nearby when the seed blew on the wind into the neighbor’s farm. They sued to take the farms of these farmers claiming the farmers must have stolen the GMO Korn seed. Taking farms from families is just plain evil with a Kapital K. GMO Korn is not corn, so they patent it and claim others cannot have their stock or face ruin. It’s fairly obvious that corn seed will blow in the wind and spread to adjacent corn/Korn farms. I think the farmers should have sued Monsanto for polluting their stock with defective GMO Korn. The only genetic modification Monsanto made to their GMO Korn was to make it immune to a known carcinogen, and that does not make the GMO Korn plant more healthy or nutritious for consumers. Monsanto is evil because of their abuse of their GMO Korn patents to steal farms from families,  and then not labeling Round Up as a known carcinogen. This latest article accuses Monsanto of ghost writing scientific articles to verify Round Up as safe when in fact it is a known carcinogen. That is just the tip of the iceberg for why Monsanto is truly evil. Evil exists within the confines of our laws, and we must exercise our rights to ward and purge our world.

Aliens: friend or foe?



I’ve been reading material on evidence for alien contact with humans on Earth in the past century. I don’t have time to seek evidence in the archaeological record because such evidence is all very questionable and difficult to verify. Human beings are quite imaginative and they have carved, painted, and created images of things they have seen or imagined since deep into our distant past. For example the Cave Paintings that were created 17,500 years ago at Lascaux, France, and there are rock formations in caves that date to when the Neanderthal occupied Europe, before 40,000 CE. Humans have used this creativity to make images of things that don’t really exist, so it is possible that the ancient pictures of things that look like space ships or flying vessels in the stone inscribed picture writing of numerous ancient cultures are works of pure fiction.

In the past fifty years, many people have come forward as witness to the interference by UFO entities on the nuclear programs of the US and the USSR. Hundreds of officers have testified that UFOs deactivated ICBM missiles. Several NASA and other international astronauts and even governments have come forth to admit that they have had encounters with UFOs and there have been a good number of Roswell like events, where a wreckage was discovered and taken by human groups for study.

Some people fear that there is a cabal or group, a deep state or secret part of the government, that studies and conceals the presence of aliens that are both more advanced and more powerful than any group of humans technology level. They think that the government would not want the public to know the existence of a powerful more advanced alien group that they are powerless to do anything about. People might freak out and make radical changes in fear of the situation. Do aliens abduct to study or experiment on humans? Catch and release? Some believe the aliens are benevolent because they have been deterring the US and USSR from starting a nuclear war. Some think they have their on agenda self interest in studying and observing human behavior and development. The abductions, if confirmed or real, are quite freighting and downright scary stories. Perhaps there are more than one group of aliens with different interests in our little blue planet?

I particularly enjoyed one recent theory that Mars was once inhabited and the inhabitants were wiped out by nuclear weapons. The theory postulates that either the populations wiped themselves out in a self induced cataclysm, or they were nuked out by aliens from space. He claims the pictures from the rover show evidence of nuclear strikes. I think this theory is a bit far fetched because Mars atmosphere is small and weak, so objects from space can damage the planet with less a chance of burning up in the atmosphere. I am skeptical.

Rising Uighur militancy changes security landscape for China. – On the bright side.

Rising Uighur militancy changes security landscape for China

A convergence of Chinese, Russian, European, and US interest in stopping transnational jihadists that are targeting soft targets around the world has begun. I predict that, if these four world powers can remain relatively at peace with one another, these four great powers will converge to destroy and clamp down on radical Islamic groups that seek to export their ideology and their targeting of the rest of the world’s soft targets. The US and European democracies, with little stomach for the harsh tactics and brutality of asymmetrical warfare on a large scale, will continue to secretly wage war, and the dictatorships of China and Russia will begin/continue fight without much restraint. Dictatorships of the Middle East will be restored to regions of Syria, Iraq, and perhaps Afghanistan. Iraq has become a puppet to larger powers like Iran and the US. Afghanistan has become a puppet of the US, China, or the Taliban. Assad may well be restored to power. Groups that seek peace with the four great powers, and help fight radical Islam, like the Kurds, will be rewarded with autonomy and a share of oil revenue in parts of Iraq and Syria.

ISIS has turned radical Islam against the world, but sadly for them, it will only be an apocalypse that is brought down upon them. The wheels of war are turning, and as ISIS continues to hit at various soft targets around the world, the tectonic shifts necessary for the four great world powers to stop planning on destroying each other has begun. Faced with a very annoying and determined enemy: DAESH or ISIS, the world has begun to do something I never really thought possible. They are uniting against a common enemy; ISIS will face either complete destruction or unconditional surrender. This process may take another decade, but I suspect that DAESH/ISIS will end up like the Tamil Tigers. They hid among civilians and in the rough terrain, but eventually they were all hunted down and forced to fight or surrender. The next group that attempts to pull off an epic crime spree on the scale that ISIS pulled off, will face a much faster reaction from the international community. I think these alliances will remain tentative and temporary, but the good news is that if the world faced an even greater existential threat from within or without, perhaps they will have learned how to work together just a little better than yesterday.

Are Humans the Pioneering Intelligent Life Forms early To The Universe’s Life Party?

Are Earth Humans The ‘Aliens’ Early To The Universe’s Life Party?

This new theory from three professors at Oxford uses complex math to explain that the universe is still relatively in it’s infant stage. They state that we are approximately at 0.14% of the entire span of the time/space we call the universe. They are claiming that the universe has a long way to go, and that we may well be the first intelligent self aware beings to evolve. Part of the reasoning in this theory is the seeming complete lack of evidence for other intelligent beings that we have been able to detect so far. I certainly hope they are right. What a golden opportunity for our species to expand our footprint into the universe without any competition other than ourselves. I have postulated that if there were intelligent/self aware beings elsewhere in the universe, they could be very far away from us, or they could be seeking to avoid detection. Frankly, I would presume that if there were super advanced intelligent beings out there, they would most likely seek to avoid contact with others for fear of annihilation. We should also take the path of greatest caution with out space explorations, for why invite disaster so early in our species existence. We nearly wen’t extinct during the Toba Catastrophe. In Africa, around 75,000 years ago, a large volcanic eruption caused a 6-10 year winter. Scientists estimate that the human population dropped to 1000 – 10,000 breeding pairs. It would be nice to have human colonies on multiple planets, so that if one such place is hit with an extinction event such as a large asteroid hitting the planet, our species would live on in other places. I was thinking that it would not be that hard, with just a little better technology, to create a device or propulsion system that could attach to a large asteroid or large object in space, and then hurtle toward a planet that you want to wipe out. One could fairly easily create an extinction event level weapon by sending an object hurtling toward a planet with such velocity that when it hits, it could cause an extinction level impact. I call this the, “Death by Sling Shot,” plan. It would be like an intergalactic David teaching Goliath a lesson in physics. I sure hope we are the first ones to the party, but I again remain cautious, and would not presume this to be the truth. Better safe than sorry!